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The Fearless Soldier And The Bullish Man In Power, By George Onmonya Daniel


The Fearless Soldier And The Bullish Man In Power, By George Onmonya Daniel


After John Danfulani granted an interview to NewIssues Magazine in which he referred to Governor Nasir El-Rufai as overrated and incompetent in handling the Fulani herdsmen/community clashes in Southern Kaduna, the Kaduna State government resurrected a dying case and charged him to Higher Court for what it termed ‘comment on Facebook capable of inciting the public’ or so. This is obviously Governor Nasir El-Rufai’s way of muscling one of his most consistent critics.


The governor of Kaduna State is making the mistake most people in power make. Using power to muscle their critics only to make them larger than life and make them heroes.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai himself is guilty of such during the Goodluck Jonathan administration. He spent all his time spewing whatever about the administration and I remember him carrying the story that Goodluck Jonathan was a drunkard and sharing it all over after Sahara Reporters picked it from where he stopped. Nasir El-Rufai was simply that time a renegade on Facebook and Twitter and he enjoyed every moment of it. Today he is one of the most hated people on social media. Just go on his wall and see how Nigerians insult him.

When the DSS invited him for questioning, I remember he didn’t even man up and went there on his own. He rallied politicians around him to go with him out of fear. I even heard when the DSS stormed his house he want to hide in one of his wives room. Now the Lord of Kaduna Empire, he is using power now to do whatever he wants. In the end the hero will be Dr. John Danfulani. I know how these things work.

Talking of inciting the public, I can tell you Governor Nasir El-Rufai was responsible directly and indirectly for the Shiite Procession problem in which Shiite members were killed in Kaduna recently. It started from the story that they have been banned and when they started their procession they were attacked. Where were the security personnels when these people and their leaders were being attacked? Is Nasir El-Rufai not the Chief Security Officer of the state? That he even came out to claim that he didn’t ban them after the matter got international attention and criticism is more shameful.

Dr. John Danfulani is the making of a hero.

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