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What Classique Fans Are Saying About The Video That Featured Rahama Sadau


What Classique Fans Are Saying About The Video That Featured Rahama Sadau

What Classique Fans Are Saying About The Video That Featured Rahama Sadau


After Rahama Sadau, the Kannywood star was featured in ClassiQ musical video, “I love you,” and was banned by the Hausa film industry, a lot of people went to YouTube to watch the controversial video. Majority 0f them see nothing controversial and were awed at why she was banned. These are some of their comments.

CHECK VIDEO at Youtube to see more comments. 

Japhet Mashauri

 Just came to search this song after the news on BBC about the ban….mmmh the banners are really conservatives…Nothing is bad in this song compared to most songs where girls appear half naked.

Please, no-one show the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria any Kim Kardashian videos, they might explode!
I thought this was beautiful. This is a good video showing happiness and no trash . Too bad, the song was so lovely.
This is a dope piece of art….this video is making me love rahama sadau more and more……haters can go and die…..if u dont like the video don’t watch…i see nothing wrong with what she did,…even if she did something, its her life not urs not mind ur business….Big ups to classiq and Rahama sadau and most especially to the director for bringing out this beautiful piece of art.
watched this over and over again maybe i would see anything close to her hips or cleavages…. I am a muslim, but i would say these people need jesus for calling this immoral. but something tells me this is a publicity stunt to promote this video.
The Wahhabis and ultra-orthodox Muslims strike again! Stop getting horny over a simple hug and holding hands! Perverts. Nothing Islamic about banning someone for something as benign as this video – and then calling some innocent woman immoral. Shame on you fascists.
notherners should go sleep many of them r adulterous,fornicators and faggots attacking a music video pisses me off
all I want to know is why did they ban the video, is it because she sang with a non Muslim guy?is Kannywood just for Muslim’s?, cos I watch hausa movies a lot on Africa magic.i grew up in the north. I know your lives(i av seen too much) .u Guys watch MBC the Lebanese channels,even the Indian movies you guys crave soo much, don’t u see how they dress 100 times worse than this,y don’t u ban them from watching it.soo quick to judge, that’s y there are lots of hidden atrocities among you people(fanatics)
Please can someone explain to me why this lady was banned by the Movie industry in the North. Maybe if some explanation is given we can sympathize with their points of view. But in an age and time when showing your butt and boobs is the order of the day (regrettably);decent songs like this should be encouraged. I don’t hear Hausa that well,but the English part is quite wholesome. Good job,great video. They’ve successfully given this video the much needed publicity. Thank you Hausa movie industry.
I Thought I was the only one who wasn’t that sensitive enough to decipher the immoral scenes/acts in this video. Both ClassiQ and the lady in question had their roles uptight and all cleaned up all through the video. She had her hair cleanly and wholly tight up, no sensitive or romantic body contact capable of stimulating nor arousing intimate feelings nor any of such. Not a kiss. I can boldly say I find nothing immoral about this video
This beautiful music with beautiful video? My Hausa brothers I don’t get you guys? What did she do that is immoral? Simply hugging a guy? A simple hug? Is this part of what your Allah says? Hmm…. Nigeria should separate please. If this is enough for them to get angry I’m sure they’ll strap bombs and start killing us in the name of “honor killing”.
All dis haters and fake mallams will never talk about all does rich and politicians using human for sacrifices only a poor girl trying to make it in life….Any bad prayers and cursed u pple say to Rahama Sadau will surely return back to u pple INSHA ALLAH
So you have all these boys dissing this girl who chooses not to be entrapped in their hypocrisy…. calling her names, meanwhile what they do behind closed doors even satan cannot stand and look! Ku matsiyata ne, sai munafurci da shan kwaya; ama mu mun san halin da ayukan banzan da ku ke yi!! Big-ups to you Rahama!!! They are just playa haterz who know you are above them and this is the only opportunity they got to relate!! punks! Besides, kannywood is too small for you!
Wonders they say shall never end. I never noticed anything promiscuous in this video. But for the news of banning this pretty young lady, i would have not known ClasiQ music. They have further made this damsel more famous and fortune will continue to smile at her.
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