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Between Spirituality and Security, By Thomas-Wilson Ikubese


Between Spirituality and Security, By Thomas-Wilson Ikubese

Between Spirituality and Security, By Thomas-Wilson Ikubese


In the past couple of days, the picture of Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, former President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), flanked with heavily armed security men, has taken over the internet.

Virtually all commentators on the subject matter whose commentaries I’ve read so far, took the man of God to the cleaners for seeking protection from earthly forces.

To me, there are two issues here, which must not be intertwined.

First, a man of God is expected to be HUMBLE; in outlook and conduct.

So, when society sees a minister of the gospel flaunting the toga of opulence and “haughty” glamour, they soon come down heavily on him or her, for Christ lived the simplest of life.

The second issue here is SECURITY.

Yes, sermons from the altar regularly urge us to have faith in God as our ultimate protection. But foolishness in my opinion, is expecting God to do for you, what he’s given you power to do for yourself!

Before now, men of God were highly revered. Society saw them as God’s ambassadors on the earth. Their words were laws, their inclinations divine.

Time has since changed and the kites blown by the wind of phase!

Today, Priests, Reverends, Bishops are targets of robberies and even kidnaps!

Not even Catholic Priests, who live the simplest of lives are spared!

Why then should we criticise a popular Minister of the gospel, a potential big-catch for any Kidnap cartel for taking terrestrial steps at self preservation?

If you must criticise Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, let it not be on account of his security details; a man resident in the Niger-Delta, home of the Avengers!

Thomas-Wilson Ikubese
24th November, 2016.

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