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Last Chance For President Buhari, By Gimba Kakanda


Last Chance For President Buhari, By Gimba Kakanda

Last Chance For President Buhari, By Gimba Kakanda


Even with my critical assessments of Buhari before and after the 2015 General Elections, I never expected he would fail to monitor and stop corruption right under his nose. This mismanaged IDP fund added to a long list of disasters that have weakened my faith in this administration.

N270 million for cutting grasses? Come on! N100 million released in two halves for conferences, with occurrence of one conference already denied. This means a whooping N50 million went to an individual’s pockets. Just like that. These companies are fronts for our politicians and it’s sad that this is happening while IDPs were crying for sanitary pads and food and safety.

There’s no better time for this government to search its soul in a bid to revive its fast-dwindling goodwill. We allowed incidents of nepotism and favoritism – which are still ongoing – at our federal agencies to fizzle out without a storm. But allowing this compassionately numb profiteers to go with our money is a no-no.

Or should we blame Jonathan for the disasters that are our IDP camps? He should’ve supervised the camps on Buhari’s behalf, you know. Jonathan was roped into even the irresponsibility of an agency not under the Presidency, and that to me is a model leadership, a standard of what we’re lowering for his successor.

I still can’t believe that we waited for 6 months to have this circus called cabinet. A serially uninspiring cabinet, and perhaps the worst in decades. What this government requires right now isn’t just cabinet reshuffle, it must try its corrupt friends doing what it’s trying Dasuki and allies for. It has protected too many already. And did you follow how quick the Chief of Army Staff was exonerated from accusations of partisanship in corruption by the Presidency? That has to be the fastest investigation and acquittal in human history. This is the reason we advocate sensible and truly autonomous legislature. The clock is ticking!

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