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They Really Wished Buhari Dies And It Is Not Personal, By George Onmonya Daniel


They Really Wished Buhari Dies And It Is Not Personal, By George Onmonya Daniel

They Really Wished Buhari Dies And It Is Not Personal, By George Onmonya Daniel


It is not the death news that bothers me, it is the reaction of many, so many, really wishing that the news is true. It tells me one thing, a lot of Nigerians blame Buhari for their present suffering. The government hasn’t been able to really communicate with the people on their change agenda, the people blame them for the harsh economic realities hitting them right now. It shows that some things really needs to change, and for the people nothing is changing but getting worse.IMG_1762

When people are pushed this far, they react like this, even though terrible, to any form of change, and even wishing that their president never comes back but in a casket. As I watched the miasma of excitement in the atmosphere I really sympathize with the president. It is a difficult job. In that fierce campaign a lot of promises were made, some almost impossible to fulfill. “We campaign in poetry and govern in prose,” Mario Cuomo, an American politician clearly stated.

The people around the president should really tell him to step up. There is nothing as terrible as people really wishing you dead after hearing fake news that you are dead. It shows complete disappointment and now they are feeling you are holding them their future , progress and their future.

This is not in anyway personal. People are hungry and a hungry man is an angry man. When the common man can no longer afford food, the businessman is no longer making money because there is no money in the hands of customer. The price of everything in the market has gone up except the pocket of the salary earners has remain the same.

That musician Tuface Idibia aka 2Baba and other artist have come out to voice their opinion on the suffering of the masses and are planning protest all over the nation shows that all is not well. These musicians are not poor, but they have families and they hear the cries of the people.

President Buhari needs to face reality now as the blame on the previous government is no longer selling. Barely two years into his administration people are already tired of him and they can’t wait for him to go, even if it means death. Cruel, isn’t it? When people are desperate they react shockingly.

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