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N500k Gift Or Bribe: Same Thing To Me, By John Okiyi Kalu


N500k Gift Or Bribe: Same Thing To Me, By John Okiyi Kalu

N500k Gift Or Bribe: Same Thing To Me, By John Okiyi Kalu


In defense of our President, with regards to allegations of bribing Justice Ademola with N500,000, his lawyer Chief Awodein SAN came out to state that he actually gave the money but that it was meant to be a daughter’s wedding support gift to Justice Ademola.

For a moment accept what he said and review.

1. Awodein said the judge is a long standing friend and nobody is disputing that. Are you?

2. Justice Ademola’s daughter wedded around the period under review. Any contrary fact?

3. That gift was given at a time Justice Ademola was handling the president’s WAEC certificate case. Not in dispute at all.

4. Barr Awodein was not the only person who gave wedding support gift to the judge. Apparently others gave different sums of money according to their proclivity to give. Blessed are those who give.

5. The certificate case favored Awodein’s client, President Buhari, at a time he critically needed that judicial victory. Well done SAN.

Let me continue to accept that Barr Awodein told the truth and he actually gave a wedding gift to his friend.

However, that acceptance raises some issues.

1. If we have accepted Awodein’s N500k to be an innocent gift why are we disputing that others who paid money to Justice Ademola also gave him gifts for his daughter’s wedding or other cogent reasons?

2. Is it foreseeable or not that the judge will favor his friend’s client in that matter? Walai if I give my friend such a hefty wedding gift and lose my case friendship suppose end o.

3. Why didn’t Awodein recuse or remove himself from that case knowing that because of his wedding gift and relationship with the judge the man will find it extremely tough to rule against him and/or his client?

4. If we accept that a judge received an innocent gift of N500k why shouldn’t we accept that former NNPC GM may have told the truth that the $9.8m found in his house were gifts given to him by his friends in the oil industry? After all oil people talk in dollars and the more you make the more you give in gifts.

5. What is the difference between a gift and a bribe? Any actual legal distinction?

6. If we accept the gift was not given at the president’s behest then how much was Awodein paid by the President to defend him? Did Awodein defend the president at his behest or not? Can we have evidence that the president or his wealthy party-men did not pay much more than N500k to Awodein?

7. What is the difference between “personal money” and money charged by a lawyer in buck to defend a case? Does it mean that if a lawyer gave bribe from money he charged it is merely “personal money”?

8. Was Awodein actually expecting Justice Ademola to rule against him and his client after receiving “wedding gift according to our culture”? Is that in our culture?

9. How come all 11 suits against President Buhari were consolidated to the court of Awodein’s friend, Justice Ademola? Coincidence, good fortune or carefully planned?

If you ask me, gift or bribe is same in the extant case. Especially given that Justice Ademola ruled in favor of Buhari who was the client of the gift giver.

Those who want to treat Awodein’s gift as bribe should also treat all other gifts given to Justice Ademola by people who had anything to do with his court as bribe.

But if you willingly accept that Awodein merely gave a gift to his friend then you will be hypocritical not to accept that all other money received by the judge were gifts from friends. The claim of relationship, past and present, is childish because enemies don’t give you bribe or wedding gifts.

How much did the judge get as gift from me that has no relationship with him and how much has Awodein given to all his old friends whose daughters wedded? When will Awodein gift N500k to me?

Nigeria sef……..ghoriwanu anyi!


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