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Release Maikori With Condition For A More Public Retraction And Apology, By Hassan Mohammed


Release Maikori With Condition For A More Public Retraction And Apology, By Hassan Mohammed

Release Maikori With Condition For A More Public Retraction And Apology, By Hassan Mohammed


“‘If we do with wisdom what we do with folly, there’ll be no limit to our peace!”‘ — Pastor Patrick I. Lewis

My heart wants Audu Makori to suffer. His irresponsible and false claim of 5 students of Kaduna State College of Education, Gidan Waya, Kafanchan, dying at the hands of terrorist had a potential of resulting in the death of far more people. I want him to serve as deterrent to others.

But my head is saying go with Pastor Lewis’ words of wisdom that we can achieve more peace with wisdom than with folly. There are times when even in our angst we have to think not only of the short term but also the long term effect and consequences of our decision. Some semblance of normalcy is returning to the area. That should count for something than start another case that has potential of pitting people against each other.

My worry is that dragging this case further by allowing people to judge Makori’s folly and haste to share an information given to him by his driver, probably base on emotion, sentiment or mischief, will do more harm than good. By going to public with false claim of the non-existent killings, he has put serious and genuine claims in doubt. For he has lied, and he was caught pants down.

He has later retracted his claim and since apologized. But sometimes it is not enough to just apologize. By the time apology was made many people would have died (not in this case) as a result of unconfirmed, unverified and careless claims. So something must give. I have said here that we don’t need to lie to defend the truth. We don’t need a lie about people lying to prove that people are dying.

People are dying, murdered and maimed while they are asleep. That is a truth no one can dispute. But claiming that people died in a particular place and time where none died only give ammunition to those who innocently or wickedly insist that nothing of such is happening in Southern Kaduna.

It means that every time we shout that a village in Southern Kaduna is raised to the ground and people are killed some callous idiot will cite example of Maikori. His distribution of the false claim will now affect our genuine cry against mass murder. It is akin to what happen in rape cases. One stupid lie, fake claim jeopardize thousands of genuine claims.

The wise thing to do as far as I’m concerned an offer of a plea bargain should be given to Maikori. He has already apologized. Next is for him to go traditionally public, not Twitter or Facebook. He should go on national radio and TV to be played over and over and over.

This will achieve three objectives. One, the shame will serve as deterrent to others. And two, it will quell tension in the area. And three, the other idiots that are over social media claiming that the man is being persecuted by Nasir El-Rufai will also sheath their swords.

That will be a better example set and sent to future evil rumour mongers than jailing Maikori. Legally, he should go to jail for lying and endangering the lives of people. Morally, more can be achieved by public embarrassment and recompense than a jail time.There are times it is better to be wise than to be right.

To suggest that the law should not take its course because three years ago, El-Rufai said his job as a member of opposition is to make the ruling party look bad is to be stupid. First of all, Makori is not retaliating for the other government. He is not a politician, for now. He is only trying to look out and speak for his people, and in the process, he made a terrible mistake trusting his driver. He is not in the opposition trying to make either the Federal or State Government look bad.

Secondly, it is an indictment on the last government, showing how weak it was if El-Rufai broke the law and they let him be. It is to suggest that they watch and allow him break the law. By the way, he is right, it is not his job to make the last government look good. But if he broke the law in the process, he should have paid for it. They arrested him once and they let him go free. That is President Goodluck Jonathan’s fault and no one’s. It is a sign of weakness. He was lilly livered.

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