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Why We Should Never Be Against Protest, By George Onmonya Daniel


Why We Should Never Be Against Protest, By George Onmonya Daniel

Why We Should Never Be Against Protest, By George Onmonya Daniel


The protest against the President Mohammadu Buhari’s administration yesterday was done by young Nigerians who are feeling dissatisfied by governance, most of them supporters of this administration who worked hard and campaigned for the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari as president. Some of them have defended this government for a long time but not anymore, they are simply tired. As the illusive change promised by the APC government shows no sign, what they needed to do was a trigger, and when Tuface Idibia added his voice to it, it spread like wild fire that when he stepped down the fire was too late to quench.

But protest is good for democracy. It is the foundation of which democracy is laid. People must express their grievances. Yesterday’s protest was timely to wake up the regime from stupor. They have gone to sleep, things have fallen apart and the protest has woken them up.

This is the first protest I have witnessed where people came out willingly to express their dissatisfaction with government. No one should feel bad about this. This is good. This is democracy.

Some President Muhammadu Buhari fans have been whining and trying all they can to discredit the protest. They have said some people paid the protesters only it turned out the people that were paid were President Muhammadu Buhari supporters who came out to protest to counter the protest which is not necessary but embarrassing and gives this government a bad image.

The behaviour of the Nigerian Police too was not encouraging at all. They intimidated and tried to stop the protest and would have even against the law, they lied that people want to hijack the protest to ferment trouble and verbally attacked the organizers that Tuface Idibia had to call off the protest, but it went ahead anyway with no trouble, and the only sign of trouble were the President Buhari supporters who decided to come out in the same place to protest. And the police did not complain about them.

Government is government and the masses are the masses but sometimes the enemy is the masses are some of the masses. People came out to march on behalf of the masses and you are here telling people that they shouldn’t have done that. What should they do?

Even President Muhammadu Buhari would be ashamed at some of the things some his supporters are saying and doing over this protest.

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