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CAC Registers Athiest Association Of Nigeria


CAC Registers Athiest Association Of Nigeria

CAC Registers Athiest Association Of Nigeria



The Corporate Affairs Commission has registered an organization called Athiest Association of Nigeria. The rise in atheism in Nigeria has been a social media issue but has now become a reality. The group list their aims  and objectives as:-

Aims and Objectives

1. Provide a voice for free thinking individuals and societies in Nigeria as a platform through which it could make their views known locally and internationally
2. To promote humanism, reason and compassion
3. To provide opportunities for socializing and friendship
4. To promote rational, scientific and critical thinking
5. To work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals
6. To do all things necessary and incidental to the achievement of the above objectives

One time a young man in Kano professed he is an atheist and his parent arrested him and took him to psychiatrist hospital for fear that he would be lynched by religious extremists. Now this whole thing is a reality. Nigeria is a secular state.

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