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Chimamanda And ‘Liberal’ Terrorism, By Sam Amadi


Chimamanda And ‘Liberal’ Terrorism, By Sam Amadi

Chimamanda And ‘Liberal’ Terrorism, By Sam Amadi


The Nigerian highly respected writer, Chimamanda Adichie has incurred the wrath of transgenders and their supporters for daring to say that transgender female has different experience of being woman from natural a woman. Those activists who had promoted Chimamanda for her visceral feminism and liberal activism against patriarchy and conservatism took her to the cleaners for saying what is both wise and right. Chimamanda has being my icon and example of the intelligent and thinking writer and activist. Like a cultural Igbo she understands that ‘Ezi-okwu bu ndu’, truth is life itself. She understands the real meaning of liberal education which is, as Professor Roberts George of Princeton argues in his book, Conscience and its Enemies’ is about developing the habit of mind of inquiry and knowledge instead of just liberation. But antagonists believe that the real project of liberal education is to liberate from tradition. whatever is traditional or relates to traditional value system must be destroyed whether or not it is true of false, whether or not it is empowering or not. once it is traditional and relates to some form of universal or absolute morality pull it down in the name of liberation from the past or the old.

As a ‘liberal’ Chimamanda made the correct point that every transgender has a right to be and experience her unnatural ‘womanhood’. But as long as she does not agree to the liberal conventional truth that denies the obvious fact that natural and self-made women don’t have the same experience of womanhood, she has betrayed the faith. The real faith is to unhook everything from their roots. Since the traditional view of humanity is that there a distinction between a man and a woman, to be liberal we must speed fast to the ‘liberal truth’ that there is no distinction between that which is natural and that we decide to create, including ourselves.

“Liberal’s are so forceful and unrelenting and inconsiderate in their war against tradition that they are ready to throw you under the bus if you make a case for tradition even if it is commonsensical truth.

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