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Is Buhari Or The Cabal Afraid Of Osinbajo?


Is Buhari Or The Cabal Afraid Of Osinbajo?

Is Buhari Or The Cabal Afraid Of Osinbajo?


By George Onmonya Daniel

Nigerians are reacting to the letter of handover submitted to the senate by President Muhammadu Buhari which addressed the Vice President and now Acting President as ‘Cordinator of Nation’s affairs’ instead of Acting President, before he moved to London for medical treatment indefinitely as his health deteriorated. The President was in London at the beginning of the year after he handed over to Osinbajo. In his absence things have picked up and both home and abroad the media were praised Mr. Osinbajo.

This new title, Cordinator of Nation’s Affair, is already causing confusion with many Nigerians saying it is deliberate to undermine Mr. Osinbajo.

Zainab Abba Haliru wrote that, “This is meant to curtail his powers. This goes to show that all the oohing and aahing about Osinbajo capabilities was just lip service. The people are certainly threatened by Osinbajo’s efficiency, so why not curb him by making him coordinator not acting president.
Anyway the constitution takes preeminence so all the trickery is nonsense.”

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, the Director, Media and Publicity, Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Group, told NEWISSUES that,

“The attempt by the corpsocrats to prevent the Vice President from being Acting President by referring to him in the letter to the Senate as a mere “co-ordinator” is insulting and dangerous.

It is time for us to decide: do we have a nation of equals or not? If not let us break it and go our separate ways!

When you tell us that the Vice President cannot be Acting President even though the President is critically sick and on indefinate medical leave in a foreign country you are playing with fire. There are NO more slaves in Nigeria.

To those that believe that we must stand strong for Osinbajo this is the time to do it.

The attempt to deny him the right and role of Acting President by the corpsocrats is ominous and the implications are grave and far-reaching.

They did it to MKO Abiola in 1993. They tried to do it to GEJ in 2010. They are doing it to Osinbajo in 2017.

When will a southerner be treated as an equal by these hegemonists? When will this arrogance of power and modern-day apartheid stop?”

Stephen Enada, a Nigerian living in Lagos has this to say, “Acting President is it. Procedural languages cannot be eschewed or explained away in administration and constitutional confederacy. Reason why order of interlocutory injunction stalls cases in any constitutional court. Therefore, if you are quoting section 145 you must quote it to the letter. Coordinator of national affairs is mischievous and abnormal. Such phrase must be removed by the originator of the letter. It is dubious especially in a country where rule of law is not allowed to function as it ought.”

Mike Ikem Umelo wrote that, “For the fact that reference was made to the constitution, no one should be in any doubt that the Vice President is now in charge. The president has no constitutional responsibility to “handover power ” to his vice president. Once his letter is received by the Senate and read on the Senate floor, the VP automatically becomes the Acting President. It’s as simple as that.”

When some see this as harmless, a lot of Nigerians see it as fear either from the “cabal”, an inner circle that people are saying control the president and some of the things he does and decisions he takes. The people most Nigerians would tell you, that the wife complained about in an interview with the BBC.

This is what is now trending on social media and it will definitely be the discussion in the mainstream media from today and tomorrow.




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