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Mr. President, Do The Right Thing, Something Different, By George Onmonya Daniel


Mr. President, Do The Right Thing, Something Different, By George Onmonya Daniel

Mr. President, Do The Right Thing, Something Different, By George Onmonya Daniel


When First Lady Aisha Buhari tweeted that her husband wasn’t that sick after the ‘cameo appearance’ as Sahara Reporters put it, day before yesterday, I wrote this on Facebook few hours after he was supposed to appear for the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting to address his team yesterday morning.

“The Baba Buhari charade continues. So he will appear today to dose the anxiety over his health. Well, his handlers think they are smart. Instead of advise the man to seek help, go for treatment, they want him to appear. Ok, let’s see how far this appearance is going to last. As he appears we are hoping it will be permanent and no more disappearing act.”

Few hours later President Muhammadu Buhari failed to appear leaving Nigerians asking if he was fit to rule the nation. It is now obvious that the president is not too well. In fact that’s why there has been this cover up from the beginning and the president’s managers aren’t handling this too well.

Many people have advised the president to do the right thing by going back to London to look after his health, but somehow the president has refused to listen to anyone leaving the nation with an impression he is not even in charge of himself but some cabal are holding him hostage in Aso Rock.

President Muhammadu Buhari can do something different to redeem his image. This is the time for decision and we must stop blaming cabal over his decision and indecision. If he believes he is a man of change, he should quietly resign. Yes, resign, and handover to his vice and go take care of his health. He must do something different and change how things are done not just in Nigeria but Africa. You must not be completely incapacitated before you step down as a leader. That however, would be a tough one to do.

Of course there is pressure from people around him who would ensure he doesn’t do the right like late President Umar Musa Yar’adua, but the right thing should be done. And the right would be to resign.

President Buhari’s resignation would show African leaders that power in not a do or die affairs. It would give him the status of a Mandela. Mandela was Mandela because he did  the right thing.


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