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Baba Buhari Is Tarnishing The Image Of The North, By George Onmonya Daniel


Baba Buhari Is Tarnishing The Image Of The North, By George Onmonya Daniel

Baba Buhari Is Tarnishing The Image Of The North, By George Onmonya Daniel


The North, and when I say north, I mean the Hausa-Fulani North, is seen as obsessed with power by other Nigerians. In fact there is a Northern slogan that says, ‘Nigeria, namu ta gado,’ meaning ‘Nigeria is our birthright,’ in some Northern elite circle. People have said in many discussions that without government the north cannot survive for long. They have been accused of sharing oil wells to Northerner because northerners control government. I have heard that all around over the years and I am sure you have heard that too in every circle, from the academia to the streets and beer parlours.

When President Buhari won, people saw him as a chance candidate. Someone different from the greedy vultures who would die holding on to power whatsoever the case is. Mr. Buhari is so revered his supporters changed his name to Baba. But recent happenings is showing that Baba Buhari is far away from the likes of Mandela and going the ways of Mugabe.

Seriously ill, President Buhari refused to go for medical treatment, hiding himself in Aso Rock saying he is hale and hearty and resting. It took wailing Nigerians to make Baba go back to London again to take care of his health. Right now we don’t know the condition of his health but we know he is seriously ill.

People who have advised him to quit and take care of his health have been attacked by very angry fanatical supporters not knowing the implications. His clinging to power from London despite being incapacitated just proves those who accuse the north of clinging to power and having only political power as business right.

That’s why all reasonable and people who the north have the interest of the north at heart should plead with Baba to resign the way they pleaded with him to go to London for medical treatment. Wetin dey that Aso Rock sef?

Aisha Yusufu of Bring Back Our Girls has given the president the best advise, she asked him to resign just two weeks ago. We should be bold to tell the president the truth. He should show example not only to Nigeria but to Africa.

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