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How Chinese employer ‘crippled’ Nigerian with Kung fu kicks


How Chinese employer ‘crippled’ Nigerian with Kung fu kicks

How Chinese employer ‘crippled’ Nigerian with Kung fu kicks


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How Chinese employer ‘crippled’ Nigerian with Kung fu kicks

William Ekanem, an employee at Bedmate Furniture Company, Magboro, Ogun state, has been unable to walk after his spinal bone was allegedly damaged by Master Wan, his Chinese boss.

Wan, who is reportedly skilled in kung fu, had demanded to see a bag of rice which Ekanem bought from a foodstuff seller, identified as Iya Melo, on the premises of the company.

Ekanem, 27, had reportedly challenged the Wan for snooping in his personal business.

After forcefully checking the content, Ekanem said he was leaving when Wan allegedly gave him a kick in the back, which sent him sprawling on the ground.

The suspect was said to have stamped his foot on the victim before Ekanem was rescued by some other workers on the premises.

Since the incident, which happened in April, Ekanem had not been able to walk well or stand straight, according to NAN.

Ekanem claimed that though the case was reported at the Ibafo police station, the divisional crime officer allegedly took a N50,000 bribe from the Chinese company.

“I joined the company on January 7, 2007, and rose to become a foreman, overseeing black workers in a department of the company,” Ekanem said.

“Despite working for long, my salary is only N34,000. I don’t have an identity card and I am not a member of staff just like the rest of the over 300 workers at the company.”

Nigerian government usually does not care much when expatriates abuse their citizens. In fact these expatriates know how corrupt our law enforcement agents are have friends in power they usually call when they abuse poor citizens. Because of that they become so arrogant and mean.

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