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Nigerians Disappointed At Inaudible President Buhari Eid Message In Hausa Language


Nigerians Disappointed At Inaudible President Buhari Eid Message In Hausa Language

Nigerians Disappointed At Inaudible President Buhari Eid Message In Hausa Language


Nigerians on social media have expressed their shock and anger over the Eid audio message by President Muhammadu Buhari in Hausa language that is being circulated on WhatsApp and social media.

Professor Pius Adesanmi, Director at The Institute of African Studies (IAS) at Carleton , Professor of English at Carleton University, Canada, refers to it on his Facebook post as follows:

“What President Buhari’s handlers and supporters are doing to him – and what he is doing to himself or allowing them to do to him if he still has full agency and sentience – is pathetic.

I just listened to his eid “message to Nigerians”. Somehow, in a small part of the brains of his handlers, it was perfectly okay for the President of Nigeria to send a goodwill message to Nigerians in Hausa! So much for all the work Osinbajo has been doing to preach unity, inclusion, national unity, and all that jazz in times of perilous contestations of the rationale for the existence of the Nigerian state.

And then, that drained, strained, barely-audible, and tired voice. That voice belongs to a man who needs to be surrounded by his family and fight his health battles in dignity. This is not a voice that should be hanging on, holding on, clinging to office in defiance of good sense.

Those staging these cameos are preying on the dignity of a very ill man.

Anyway, when next you trample on the man’s dignity and stage the next cameo, remember that Nigeria has an official language: either you make him talk to us in a language we can all understand or you make him record the same message in some 800 different Nigerian languages. Do you understand?

E wokun oni noin. E ku r’odun. Se gbogbo ghin i gbadun odun?

I just spoke Yagba. I cannot claim to have addressed that eid message to Nigerians. I addressed it to Okun people, Okun Muslims in particular. Do you get it now?”

Abdulaziz Abduaziz, a journalist with Blue Print newspaper  wrote that, “The Buhari sallah message audio is a very bad PR stunt. It’s bad!”

Jaafar Jaafar of Daily Nigerian Online says, “The dummy who released Buhari’s Sallah audio needs PR for Dummies. I initially doubted the Saharareporters’ story but this audio of President Buhari’s choppy, stuttered speech is clearing my doubt. Allah dai ya bashi lafiya.”

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode wrote, “It was NOT President Buhari that spoke in todays sallah day audio recording. And for whoever it was to address the nation in hausa is deeply insulting. Hausa is not the lingua franca of Nigeria.”

Adekunle Adejumo says, Sure… The cabal won’t back down. This is a repeat of Yar’adua shenanigans.”

Chiji Akọma says, Worse, there’s an acting President in charge. To Osinbajo belongs the duty of issuing a Sallah message to Nigerians, not an incapacitated patient. We still haven’t quite figured out how this President v. Acting President thing works.”

Omolara Bankole says, “Dementia makes sufferers revert to language they learnt at childhood. They forget the language they picked up as adult.”

Kurdor Peter Nandur says, I understand hausa perfectly, but this same thoughts plaqued my mind as I listened to an obviously tired and sick man for himself speak. His handlers, I’m afraid are not only unwise but deeply myopic and armatures in the stunt they’re trying to pull. So sad.”

Obumneme Umeonwuka says, ‘We’ elected a prayer point in 2015. All we’ve been hearing is pray for economic recovery, pray for the President’s recovery, or pray for the return of the Chibok girls. Quite pathetic.”

Ayodeji Sogbesan says, “Does the President not have his own mind to decipher between what is needful for nation building from what divisive elements are ranting in his ears? Nigeria is an amalgam of nations and not homogeneous entity. Mr President ,let wisdom prevail in your judgements. Your mandate was not secured by just a section of the amalgamation ,your allegiance must be for all and must be seen so.”

Thomas Okirika George says, The Presidents handlers continue to destroy a Presidency that most of us fought to achieve. One that we all believed would be the light at the end of a very dark tunnel ..”

Kabiru Danladi Lawanti says, “Very very bad. I felt there is no need for that audio. From the audio, the man is seriously ill.”
Abdulrahman Solari says, “Wallahi I feel like crying when I heard his voice. It is obvious he is seriously sick. Allah ya ba wa Baba Lafiya.”
A lot of commentators on social media see it as desperation and are comparing this antic to the President Umar Musa Yar’adua’s drama.
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