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Nigeria’s intelligence agencies ‘blew up’ Synagogue building, Fani-Kayode says

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Nigeria’s intelligence agencies ‘blew up’ Synagogue building, Fani-Kayode says

Nigeria’s intelligence agencies ‘blew up’ Synagogue building, Fani-Kayode says


Synagogue Building collapse

Synagogue Building collapse

A former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has blamed Nigerian intelligence agencies for the collapse of a six-storey building inside the premises of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations in Lagos in 2014.

In an article he titled ‘Murder in the Church (Part 1),’ Mr. Fani-Kayode described the “blowing up of the building by our intelligence agencies” as Nigeria’s version of the 911 terrorist attack in the US.

“The whole thing appears to have been covered up and those in high places in the intelligence agencies at the time, having discovered that this was yet another rogue operation by a group of fifth columnists within the security apparatus who were keen on silencing the Presidents friends and who wanted to use the operation to embarrass and terrify their perceived enemies and adversaries, decided to brush the whole thing under the carpet and keep it quiet,” Mr. Fani-Kayode said.

At least 115 people, mostly foreigners, died after an under-construction building collapsed while additional floors were being added to it.

A coroner’s inquest instituted by the Lagos State government following the incidentindicted the church, accusing it of “criminal negligence” by failing to obtain the requisite permit before adding additional floors to the collapsed building.

The coroner recommended that the church be prosecuted.

The Lagos State government said it would not prosecute the church for criminal negligence, but commenced prosecution of the engineers involved in the collapsed building.

But the church, which is owned by popular televangelist Temitope Joshua (popularly known as TB Joshua) had immediately rejected the coroner’s report, saying it was “one-sided.”

The church had maintained throughout the inquest that the building collapse was caused by sabotage, with one of their witnesses saying that the “plane-like object” that flew over the building minutes before it collapsed fired an “infrasonic weapon” – a low sound radiation used to cause structural damage and destruction to objects.

In his piece, Mr. Fani-Kayode largely pushed the sound weapon attack narrative, insisting that the motive was to silence and discredit Mr. Joshua who, according to him, was exposing the deepest secrets of those working against then president, Goodluck Jonathan.

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