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Purported attack on Jonathan by Nnamdi Kanu, By John Okiyi Kalu


Purported attack on Jonathan by Nnamdi Kanu, By John Okiyi Kalu

Purported attack on Jonathan by Nnamdi Kanu, By John Okiyi Kalu


Those of you crying that Nnamdi Kanu attacked Jonathan are giving credence to the false narrative that Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB were raised against Buhari.

For goodness sake Nnamdi has been attacking Jonathan even while he was president. The only difference is that Jonathan was sensible enough to see him only as a freedom of speech irritant and refuse to arrest him or grant him undue prominence.

The first massive rally organized by IPOB held under Jonathan’s watch and yet he was ignored. Until “Sai” came along and decided to Mandelize Nnamdi Kanu by arresting him for saying same things he was saying under Jonathan.

If Nnamdi has continued his attacks on Jonathan there is nothing new.

By the way, how did he really attack Jonathan that we have not also done?

If Jonathan was not weak he wouldn’t have allowed Jega to be in place to conduct that exercise in clinical rigging.
He wouldn’t have left PDP Chairman Muazu in place when he knew the man was a sabo.
If he wasn’t weak he wouldn’t have tried to pacify those who didn’t vote for him with much more capital projects than those who voted for him.
He wouldn’t have abandoned the south east and south south to rot if he wasn’t weak.

Yes, Jonathan was a democrat when it came to handling human rights issues and I praise him for that. But as a President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria he was too weak to deal with political and development issues. He sat their and watched the unity school entrance nonsense happen. He was sitting there when Boko Haram suspects were arranged to be moved to the east.

He was weak as a Nigerian leader but strong as a democrat. May be he came years earlier than his time.

Nnamdi Kanu was absolutely right and I do not consider what he said an attack on Jonathan. It also confirms that he was not raised by PDP to attack Buhari’s govt as previously purveyed by “Sai” irritants who can’t see beyond the noise sold to them by their sponsors.

Now come and attack me and call me a Biafranist or Nnamdi Kanu’s supporter. Who cares when I know who I am-voice from the wilderness of Nigeria.

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