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The LIES Over President Buhari’s Health, By George Onmonya Daniel


The LIES Over President Buhari’s Health, By George Onmonya Daniel

The LIES Over President Buhari’s Health, By George Onmonya Daniel


Mrs. Aisha Buhari just arrived from London with a message to whoever wants to listen that her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari, is recuperating well and will soon be back to the country. The fact is that the country has moved on and no one is missing the president. Nigerians are already thinking of Post-Buhari era. Why? Because the President Buhari’s administration has simply failed to deliver and everyone can clearly see nothing will change in the remaining two years. In almost all the polls, even poll conducted by President Buhari’s All Progressive Congress (APC) on the second anniversary of APC taking over, a large majority of Nigerians said Buhari has failed. In fact Acting President Osinbajo taking over is the only respite now and people are more comfortable with him than a sick president most Nigerians believe is under the control of a cabal.

Nigerians are not excited over the news from Mrs. Aisha Buhari. They are not excited because no one believes her. As far as we all know she may be lying. From the beginning President Buhari and his handlers have lied to Nigerians over the president’s health. When he left for the UK on 19th Jauary, 2017, saying he was going on vacation, Nigerians thought it was just vacation until the story was leaked that he was seriously ill. In fact there was even stories in some other quarter that he was dead. That was when we knew. But everyone who claimed to have gone to see him would say he was “hale and hearty.” Now we know he was neither hale and hearty.

After returning home on 10th March, 2017, President Muhammadu Buhari told the world that he had never been this sick his whole life proving all the hale and hearty stories as lies. When Buhari returned there was attempt to make him look ok but that too didn’t work. When he started missing important event that he usually would not miss, people started complaining and questioning his health. He missed second cabinet meeting after he arrived from London which was on 26th April, 2017, and later he was said to start working from home and not going to office or appearing in public. On 28th April, he missed Mosque prayer which was usually important to him and the one place the media get to see him, then on 3rd May, he missed another cabinet meeting, and when he appeared in the Mosque on 5th May, people all over started asking him to seek the help of a doctor He wasn’t looking too good. The people around him did everything to make it look like he was fine. In fact about this time Mrs. Aisha Buhari told the world that he was fine only for President to leave for theUK in less than 24 hour.

Some people are saying he was poisoned in Aso Rock. The presidency have not come out to say anything about it. An overzealous police officer wrote of Facebook that if anything happens to President Buhari he would kill hundreds of his supported. The presidency are mute over it. I personal don’t think he was poisoned. The man has been sick on these while.

Because of the too much lies and  secrecy surrounding  Buhari’s health, no one believe anything anybody is saying about his health nowadays, not even his wife.

Buhari’s unhealthy start to 2017:

  • 19 January – Leaves for UK on “medical vacation”
  • 5 February – Asks parliament to extend medical leave
  • 10 March – Returns home but does not resume work immediately
  • 26 April – Misses second cabinet meeting and is “working from home”
  • 28 April – Misses Friday prayers
  • 3 May – Misses third cabinet meeting
  • 5 May – Appears at Friday prayers in Abuja
  • 7 May – Travels to UK for further treatment
  • 6 June – Aisha Buhari says his is ‘recuperating fast’
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