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Has Tony Blair’s Visit Changed Nasir El-Rufai? By George Onmonya Daniel


Has Tony Blair’s Visit Changed Nasir El-Rufai? By George Onmonya Daniel

Has Tony Blair’s Visit Changed Nasir El-Rufai? By George Onmonya Daniel


THE GOVERNANCE DILEMMA: “You start (in office) when you are most popular and least capable. By the time you learn (to do) the job very well, it is almost time to go. You end leaving office when you are least popular and most capable.” – Tony Blair – Kaduna: 13.07.2017

ON MEDIA AND CRITICS: “Do not complain when the media and the people hit at you, misunderstand or criticize you as a political leader, for two reasons. First, public service is voluntary. Second, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to serve humanity.” – Tony Blair – Kaduna: 13.07.2017

Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna posted this on his Facebook wall after former British Prime Minister Tony Blair paid him a visit in Kaduna recently. Knowing westerners for who they are I am definite Mr. Blair researched his host before he arrived and I am sure these two quotes were as a result of his research.

Before he became governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai was quite popular. Two years down the line his popularity has waned off. One,due to his handling of the Fulani herdsmen and Southern Kaduna massacre, where the governor from every interview I have watched him granted simply took side with the Fulani herdsmen and tried to blame the Southern Kaduna people for all the problems and painting the Fulani herdsmen who were killing and have killed over a thousand people as the victims. Anything contrary to his views is seen as trying to incite the public and he clamps down on critics of his administration under the guise that they are trying to incite.

Tony Blair has tactfully told the man what Britain think of him. Nasir El-Rufai who pride himself as being a very intelligent man should simply get the message. This is what democracy is all about. If you don’t want tobe criticized resign from government and go and face your personal business. Public service is about serving humanity not about you being a superstar because you have access to public fund in a poor country where people are so impoverished they worship politicians because public funds have become personal funds and politicians can do whatever they want with it and get away with it.

Tony Blair has simply humbled Nasir El-Rufai. I hope the Kaduna State governor change his tactics in dealing with critics and seeing them as perceived enemies. I hope he will humbly drop all the charges against his critics and face his job of serving humanity.

This is not a coincidence. Mr.Blair did his homework.
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