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Okorocha: I have spoilt Imo people… my successor may be stoned


Okorocha: I have spoilt Imo people… my successor may be stoned

Okorocha: I have spoilt Imo people… my successor may be stoned


Rochas Okorocha, Imo governor, says his successor may be stoned by the people because it will be difficult to replicate his achievements.

Okorocha said he has spoilt Imo people with “developmental works” at a scale never seen before.

The governor was quoted by The Nation as saying this on Saturday while speaking with state house correspondents in Abuja.

He said the people of Imo will definitely miss him and his projects.

“The only problem I have is that anybody that comes after me and does not perform will be stoned. Because you cannot come to Imo State now and say you want to abolish free education from primary to university, they will not accept,” he was quoted as saying.

“I have spoilt Imo people believe me. You cannot come to Imo State and say you want to give them a single lane road when they are used to eight lane road in the city, they won’t accept it.

“You cannot come there and tell the children to go to schools that the floors are not tiled. They will not accept because all the schools have been rebuilt.

“I have rebuilt 450 schools. You can no longer take them to those ramshackle hospitals. Those shanties they called hospitals because I have built ultramodern 27 to 200 bed general hospitals. You can no longer tell them those stories. All the infrastructure is there.

“You cannot tell them that there are criminal activities anymore and that your hands are tied they will not accept it because we know where we brought Imo from, from unsafe place to a safe place right now.

“And you can no longer tell our workers to dress shabbily they will not. They will want to dress in their suits and tie and white shirts. So Imo has changed believe me.

Okorocha further said that none of his predecessors achieved as much as he has in the six years he’s been in office.

“I stand to be challenged and corrected by anybody that what we have done in Imo State in this six years can be comparable to what any governor in that state living or dead has done,” he said.

“And whether if we put all of them together can match what we have done. Have you seen me sounding boisterous? That is the truth.”

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